12 Different Types of Websites You Can Build with WordPress

websites build with Wordpress

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. It is a highly flexible and adaptable software to create websites. You can build multiple types of sites in WordPress.

More than 37% of the website on the internet is built on WordPress. Also, W3techs estimates that WordPress covers a 63.5% share of the CMS market, which is 59% (approx)more than Shopify, who comes next. So as far as the content management system goes, WordPress is truly a leader.

At inception, Worpdress created as a blog hosting platform. But now it has become more than that. The innovations and the possibilities with wordpress are now limitless.

And in this article, we’ll be sharing some of the types of websites that you can build with WordPress.

Top 12 Types of Websites Build on WordPress

But before getting started with wordpress, you will need wordpress hosting and a domain name. 

Follow our step by step guide on how to make your website with WordPress.

And if you just want to play around with wordpress before actually creating your site, then you can install wordpress on your system. 

Follow our step by step guide on how to install wordpress on your windows pc and mac computer.

A Blog or Personal Website

types of websites build on wordpress- Personal or blogging site

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform. But now it has evolved into a powerful and the most popular CMS. But still, even after 17 years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear. You can always use wordpress to create a blogging or a personal site for yourself.

With time, WordPress has become better, more polished, and matured. You will find plenty of free themes and useful plugins to create and manage your website easily. 

Who can create this and Why?

The simple answer to this question is anyone. Anyone who wants to share his/her knowledge and experience, who wants to earn money by blogging, freelancers who want to showcase their works, etc.


ShoutMeLoud.com: It is a blogging platform, where you can find blogs related to WordPress, SEO, and many more topics. ShoutMeLoud was founded by Harsh Agrawal back in 2008, and now they have more than 1million+ visitors every month on their site. 

That is our first type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

A Business Website

Because of its flexibility, customization, and innovative possibilities, big global brands also rely on WordPress to build their websites. 

WordPress provides a variety of responsive themes that businesses can use to design their websites. On top of that, wordpress has plugins that help to add additional features to a website. It also offers scalability- which allows a site to grow as much as they can.

These could be some of the reasons why big brands also prefer wordpress.


  • Renault – Renault group is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world uses WordPress to build their business site. 
  • The Walt Disney Company –  Disney, one of the biggest brands in the world, also uses WordPress for its website.

Two of the world’s biggest brands from their respective fields use wordpress for their site. And it shows how diverse wordpress is.

That is our second type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example.

E-Commerce Store

types of websites build on wordpress- eCommerce website

Ecommerce is also a widely used feature of wordpress. It quickly becomes an ultimate solution for building an eCommerce store. Businesses that are new to online business leverage wordpress to create their eCommerce store. 

To create an eCommerce store, in WordPress, you can use plugins like Woocommerce and Easy digital downloads. These plugins will convert your wordpress site into a fully functional e-commerce platform. 

You can also accept payments, manage your inventories, shipping, taxes, and many more things from a single dashboard.

Some of the essential functions that your eCommerce site should have:

  • Seamless product browsing.
  • Add to cart or shopping cart.
  • A safe payment process.

That is our third type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

News Website

WordPress also used to build news websites as well. It has a whole bunch of themes and plugins dedicated to creating news websites.

Whether for tech or fashion, the custom themes and extensions offered by WordPress allows the user to create any kind of site and publish content.

The comment section of your site also allows the visitors to share their opinion and therefore helps you to start discussions.

Example: A lot of big publishing houses also use WordPress to build their sites

  • The New Yorker – One of the most popular news websites The New Yorker uses wordpress to build their site.
  • TechCrunch – One of the biggest technology news websites TechCrunch also uses WordPress to build their website and publish their news.
  • Vogue – A fashion and beauty related website Vogue also uses WordPress to build their website. 

That is our fourth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

Job Boards

The demand for a niche job board for a specific skill or specialization is growing. Having a job board where businesses can list niche jobs and professionals can respond to them can be a great option. It will also help you to earn some extra income as well.

A few WordPress plugins are also available to create these kinds of websites.

That is our fifth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

Business Directory

Just like Job boards, the demand for the niche business directory is also increasing. Local businesses use this kind of directory website to list up their business. 

There are some excellent business directory plugins available like GeoDirectory, Name Directory, etc., which allows you to create a business directory website easily.

That is our sixth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites generally used by Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and even web designers. They set portfolio sites to showcase their works to their prospects and therefore get some new service requests.

WordPress provides varieties of themes and plugins that you can use to create your portfolio site. You can also add image galleries and sliders to better your user experience so that it becomes easier for others to browse and learn more about your work. 

That is our seventh type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 

Online Community

type of website build on wordpress- online community

With WordPress, you can build an online community as well by using the bbPress forum plugin. This one plugin can convert your WordPress site in an entire online community dedicated to your favorite book, Tv Show, or Web series. 

You can also add social features to a wordpress site with plugins like BuddyPress.

That is our eighth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example. 


  • WordPress Support Forums – The support forum of WordPress is itself made out of WordPress. The layout of the forum is quite straightforward and displays what it can do.

Amazon Affiliate Store

An affiliate store allows you to sell products through Amazon as an affiliate and earn a percentage of each sale. 

As a store owner, all you need to do is to attract visitors to your site, and when a visitor clicks a product link and purchases it, you will earn a commission.

You can set up these kinds of affiliate sites in two ways- either by creating an e-commerce lookalike site or by creating a blogging website where you can add content relating to that product, including your affiliate link.

To create an eCommerce lookalike Amazon affiliate store, you can use WooCommerce to create your store. 

Once you set up your site/store, then you need to sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account to start selling products with your amazon affiliate id.

That is our ninth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example.

Multilingual Website

A multilingual site provides content in many different languages so that readers from different regions can access the content in their language. That is an essential tool for businesses that want to expand in different other territories.

In addition to a multilingual site, you also need to understand the cultural difference of your audience to better communicate with them.

That is our tenth type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example.

Podcasting Website

The podcast has become a new form of content. Most popular podcasters on the web are using WordPress for their websites. 

There are lots of plugins available dedicated to podcasting. They allowed you to integrate audio with ease, let you add a download manager, and many more. 

That is our eleventh type of website built on wordpress, now let’s head to the next example.


SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a perfect method of providing an App service. The software is generally hosted by the vendor and offered to its customers on a subscription basis. And on the other hand, the customer can use it without worrying about any maintenance and installation. It is available on the internet.

Google Analytics, KissMetrics are examples of a SaaS website. 

You can also build this kind of website with wordpress too. 

If you are keen to create a SaaS website on wordpress, then this Guide can help you.

Example: Optinmonster.com

types of websites build on wordpress- SaaS

Optinmonster is a lead generation software. It is a complete solution for creating a lead capture form. It also helps you to do a split test of your ideas to increase the conversion rate.

And it is also built with WordPress too.

That is our twelfth type of website built on wordpress.


We hope that we have provided you several ideas about the type of websites you can build on wordpress. So now start creating your site with WordPress and don’t worry about your niche, WordPress always has your back with endless functionalities and unlimited growth opportunities.

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