Cons or Disadvantages of using a WordPress Website

disadvantages of wordpress

There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content management system(CMS) in the world. It captures almost 63% of the total CMS market. And more than 37% of the websites are built on WordPress. And this proves how good the CMS is.

But we also know that every great thing has some issues, and WordPress is not an exemption. Many of us know the advantages of wordpress or features of wordpress, but only a few of us are aware of these issues or cons of wordpress. So in this article, we are going to discuss all the disadvantages of WordPress websites.

So here are some of the disadvantages of wordpress that you might face.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Security

Disadvantages of WordPress: Security

One of the major cons or disadvantages of wordpress is the security/vulnerability.

Nothing on the internet is safe from a hack. Now even Twitter and YouTube accounts of users/creators are getting hacked. So your wordpress website is not an exemption. 

Even though WordPress provides security to its users, still, you can’t say that it is 100% safe from a hack. And WordPress also has a brief history of getting hacked in the past. And because of its popularity, it always stays on the target of hackers.

Why does that happen?

WordPress is “open-source” software, which means anyone can create plugins with no organization to monitor them. The creators can intentionally add malware codes in the plugins or the themes, and once you install them, it gives the complete access of your admin dashboard to the creator. Now the creator can access your website and can make any kind of changes. 

Sometimes they also add spammy codes to your site, and whenever a search engine crawls your site and if they find those spam or malware codes, they can blacklist your site from indexing.

Besides that, if you do blogging on your site and have an active comment section, you can get a lot of spam comments, which is also vulnerable to your site.

To protect your site from security issues and spams, you can use plugins like- iThemes for security and Akismet for spam.

One problem leads to another. You will need to install a lot of plugins to add additional features to your site. And it takes us to our next cons of wordpress.

Note: Always install plugins form the wordpress plugin directory unless premium plugins. And before install, always do a quality check, check their reviews and ratings.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Need a lot of Plugins to add additional features

Another disadvantage of wordpress is that it needs a lot of plugins to add additional features. You need to use a specific plugin for every function.

If you are only going to create a simple website without any added features, then WordPress is good. But in case if you want to add additional features that are not there in wordpress by default, you need to install plugins for that. 

Sometimes a few of the plugins get outdated and didn’t receive any new updates, so in this case, removing them or finding an alternative can be a good option. Because if you continue to use them, your site can stop working due to compatibility issues. And the same goes for the themes as well.

Note: Installing a lot of plugins, especially outdated ones, can increase the load time of your website. 

The more plugins you install, the more frequent updates you need to face, and that’s quite intimidating. And these updates can ruin everything.  And these take us to our next cons of wordpress-updates.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Frequent Updates

We can’t say whether it is a con of wordpress or not because updates are essential. We are now living in a space where everything is moving at a fast speed, so frequent updates become very important to cope up with the changes.

As we know, to create a WordPress website, we need to install a theme, and to add functions, we need plugins. And all of these needs to update frequently, including the WordPress cms, to run your site smoothly. The more plugin you install, the more you will face the updates.

But sometimes these updates create a mess. After updating your site might stop working, the theme stops loading, plugins stop working or getting compatibility issues, and many more.

So make sure before updating (updates like the CMS or the theme) you take a backup your data. In case your site gets crash, or any error happened, you still have your data safe.

Frequent updates are essential for software, but sometimes it can ruin everything. And that takes us our next cons of wordpress-stop working.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Website can go down without any notice

That is another major disadvantage of wordpress websites, it can go down without giving you any notice. And it can add a negative impact on your brand image as well.

Why does this happen?

Your website can go down for multiple reasons. We already mention a few of them earlier in the article. But most of the time, it happens because of your hosting. It stops working or responding to requests. So always try to choose the best hosting service for your site with maximum uptime guaranteed.

Going down or stopping responding is a common problem for a lot of wordpress websites. So choose your hosting carefully if you don’t want to face this issue.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Slow loading speed

Another major disadvantage of WordPress is the slow loading speed. 

Earlier, we mentioned that we need to install a lot of plugins to add additional features to your site. But these features came at a cost. Every time you install a plugin, it adds bloat to the website, so the more plugins you have, the slower your site becomes and takes longer to load. 

However, plugins are not the only reason for slow site speed. It can contain multiple things like unreliable hosting, using large file size images, and a few more. 

Make sure your website didn’t take more than usual time to load, or else your visitors may visit your competitors’ site instead.

Loading speed also plays a huge role in website ranking as well. Search Engines love those sites which load quickly and tend to rank them higher in the search result page.

So make sure your site loads quickly in every device. 

That takes us to our next limitations of wordpress.

Disadvantages of WordPress: Not a very SEO friendly

By default, WordPress only provides limited SEO optimizing features, and it is not enough to rank a website in search results.

To add that additional SEO optimizing features, you need to use a Plugin. You can use either Yoast SEO plugin or Rankmath. These plugins will provide you all the extra features that you need to optimize your content. Remember, only adding a plugin is not to give you a higher ranking, ranking depends upon many factors, for instance, quality backlinks, domain authority, quality of the content, internal linkings, and many more. Google considers more than 200 factors before ranking a site.

Experts also said that WordPress is not as search engine friendly as a custom-coded website. The codes behind a custom-coded website are simple and straightforward, whereas the coding of WordPress can often be a complicated mess. And they think that it confuses search engines while crawling a wordpress site, so the site may not rank as well as a custom-coded website.

Millions of websites on the internet are built on WordPress and rank quite well in search results. So you don’t have to worry too much about these disadvantages of wordpress. Therefore you just focus on the best SEO practices to rank your site well.

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Cons of WordPress: Maintenance


Another cons or disadvantages of WordPress is the maintenance issue. If you think creating a website on WordPress is enough, then you are wrong. Wordpress websites need regular maintenance. Maintenance is an ongoing process of wordpress. You need to update the plugins, theme, and the CMS regularly so your site didn’t get any compatibility issues and run smoothly. But in the case of a custom-coded website, it doesn’t require any monthly maintenance.


Without any doubt, wordpress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. Millions of people and companies use wordpress to build their websites. And it is because of simplicity and user-friendliness. Although wordpress has a lot of advantages, it also has disadvantages as well. Therefore think twice before creating your site on WordPress.

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What are the Disadvantages of WordPress Websites?

1. Security is one of the major issues with WordPress. Because of its popularity it always stays on the target of hackers.

2. We need to install a lot of plugins to add additional features, which inturn can slow down the site loading speed and can also create compatibility issues

3. Frequent update and maintenance is also a big disadvantage of wordpress. It can sometimes create mess.

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