Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing?

Do you want to become the top 1% of Digital Marketers and want to get paid in gold?

But Struggling to find a good training institution and practical experience.

Then discover this “one of its kind” program that will help you to become a complete Digital Marketer…

Digital Deepak Internship Programme (Batch-3)

As you are reading this post which means you are already in search of a digital marketing training institute. And if you are reading this before May 2020 then you can discover and join this “one of its kind program” –Digital Deepak Internship Batch-3. 

I am also a student of Digital Deepak Internship Batch-2. And I will Personally recommend you join this program and transform your career.

In the month of January, after I left my current job I decided to be a digital marketer. But the biggest challenge for me is to find a good digital marketing institute. I find one and join, but I didn’t get what I want to learn and also there is no practical experience as well. Then I came to know about the Digital Deepak Internship Program(batch 2), and I join this program. And after 2 months of this program, I can say that I become a digital marketer. I can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and also can design websites.

This DD internship program is run on the basis of Learn>> Do>>Earn method. Deepak will take you out of your comfort zone and will force you to become a better version of yourself. This is a complete practical training program run by DigitalDeepak aka. Deepak Kanakaraju. And not just that, he will also share his real-life experiences, struggles, strategies during the internship.

About the Digital Deepak Internship Program

The program will be 7 week long, where you will get live classes every week. And apart from that, there will be a Q&A session to clear your doubts. You will also get access to the Internship Batch Facebook group/community. 

Apart from living classes you will get some amazing Gifts as well from Deepak.

What to do next?

After every class, you will be given an assignment to complete. And you will get one week to finished the assignments. And after every successful assignment, you will earn cash back. And wait, did I tell you that the program is 100% cashback guaranteed?   

Yes, the program is 100% Cashback Guaranteed...

The program is coming up 100% cashback guaranteed which means it is absolutely free. It is free for those who are ready to take action. Who complete all their assignments on time. And if you can rank among top 100 you will get some extra cash benefits as well.

First, you are learning Digital Marketing from one of the best digital marketers in India and get some hands-on experiences. Second, you are paying nothing for this if you are sincere. Third, you get cashback along with extra bonuses. Fourth, you get access to a community of digital marketers. Fifth, you will get a certificate for this as well.

Now just think, is there any institution that can give you all these benefits for absolutely nothing. So don’t waste your time and join the program.


  1. Duration: 7 weeks
  2. Certificate: Yes
  3. Mode: Online + Repeat classes
  4. Doubt Sessions: Yes
  5. Cash backs: Yes, for serious students+bonuses for top 100 students
  6. Placement Assistance: yes, Depending on locations

Who can join this program?

The answer to this is Everyone. Everyone who wants to become a digital marketer or want to change their career into digital marketing. 

This internship program is beneficial for all. Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if You are a beginner or have some kind of experience you can still join the program.

It is specially designed for beginners.

In this program, you will learn everything from the basics to advance. The program will cover topics like-   Website Designing, Automation, Selling, Copywriting, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and many other advanced topics.

About the Instructor, Digital Deepak

Digitaldeepak aka. Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore, India. Deepak is also an Author, Speaker, and Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing. He trains students, professionals, and businessmen on Digital Marketing from the past 10 years. 

He started his digital marketing career in 2008, in Banglore. His first blog was, which he sold in 2013. then he starts another blog which we knew as Currently, he is a Co-founder of his digital marketing agency called PixelTrack.


The Only Digital Marketing Internship which will Give Cashback + Profit for Doing Simple Assignments!

Batch 1: Fee 11,800 & Minimum Cashback (Rs 13,000) + More for Top Students

Batch 2: Fee 14,999 & Minimum Cashback (Rs 17,000)  + More for Top Students

Batch 3: Fee 10,800& Minimum Cashback (Rs 12,000)  + More for Top Students

So, what are you waiting for! Jump in, and become a professional digital marketer in just 2 months.

Your Earnings

Assignment No.1: Earn ₹1,100

Assignment No.2: Earn ₹1,200

Assignment No.3: Earn ₹1,300

Assignment No.4: Earn ₹1,400

Assignment No.5: Earn ₹1,500

Assignment No.6: Earn ₹1,600

Assignment No.7: Earn ₹1,700

1. Sign up on our platform to verify your profile and payment information and earn ₹200
2. Submit all the assignments without missing a single one, on time and earn extra ₹2,000

Total Potential Earnings: ₹12000

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