14 reasons why you should use WordPress for your website

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If you are reading this article, it means you already hear about WordPress and wondering why I should use WordPress. If you are asking this question, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to explain some of the most essential reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.

Note: WordPress is available in two versions WordPress.org and WordPress.com. And in this article, we only talked about the WordPress.org version.

What is WordPress.org?

It is basically open-source, free to use, and a self-hosted Content Management System(CMS). Because it is a self-hosted platform, therefore you need to sign up for a hosting service provider.

WordPress is a robust tool for creating as well as managing a website. A misconception about WordPress is that it is just a blog hosting platform! but no, it can do a lot more than that. With it, you can create different types of websites for instance blogs, e-commerce stores, business sites, personal sites, etc.

Currently, more than 32% of the Website on the internet is hosted on WordPress.

I hope you get a basic understanding of what WordPress is and what it does. Now let’s get straight to the reasons.

We have come up with a list of 10 reasons why you should use WordPress for websites.

We hope that, by the end of this article, you get your reasons to use WordPress for your website.

  1. Open Source and free to use 
  2. SEO friendly
  3. It is the most reliable CMS
  4. Mobile-Friendly and responsive
  5. Easily Customizable
  6. Easy to manage
  7. It is very safe and secure
  8. It supports multiple media types
  9. Support E-commerce
  10. Fast loading speed
  11. No coding skills required
  12. It supports multiple languages
  13. Easy 3rd party software integration
  14. WordPress provides great customer support

Lets deep dive into the list:

1. WordPress is an Open Source and Free to Use Platform

WordPress is free software. This means anyone can download, install, set up, and modify it as per their needs. You can create any kind of website with WordPress. You can also install any plugins or software in it.

It is also an open-source platform, which means it was developed and managed by a community of developers. And most of the open-source platforms are basically free to use.

Although it was free to download and use, you need to spend some amount for it. WordPress is a self-hosted platform, so you need to spend on hosting and domain(in WordPress.org version, but in wordpress.com version hosting is provided by WordPress). 

That is our first reason why you should use WordPress for your website, now let’s go to our next reason.

2. SEO-friendly

WordPress is completely SEO friendly. Popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo like the sites built on WordPress. And this is why WordPress websites tend to rank higher on SERP(search engine result page). The reason behind this is the framework and the semantic markup that it produces. The simple high-quality coding and the semantic markup makes it very easy for the search engine spiders to crawl a site. 

Apart from the built-in SEO advantage, WordPress also provides a lot of SEO plugins that you can install to further optimize your site(use any one of them). 

For SEO plugins we recommend using either Yoast SEO Plugin or RankMath. Both of them are to use however Yoast has its premium version as well.

That’s our reason #2 why you should use WordPress for your website, now reason #3.

3. WordPress is the most Reliable CMS

WordPress is completely a reliable platform when it comes to create and manage your website. You can also figure it out by looking at how many people use this platform for their site.

According to a recent study from Kinsta, WordPress is completely dominating the CMS market.

WordPress is clearly dominating the CMS market with a market share of 63%. Joomla comes second on this list with a market share of only 4.6% which is almost 14 times smaller than the WordPress.

Furthermore, WordPress powers 37% of all websites on the internet. These numbers are just amazing and it is also increasing every day.

Consider the fact that it powers almost one-third of all websites on the internet, and it is also safe to say that your website will be in safe hands if you use WordPress. And I don’t think that after seeing these stats you need to find any more reasons to use WordPress. However, let’s go to our next point.

4. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

responsive-website-design in another reason why use wordpress for a website

Today most of the searches on the internet are made from mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly website is a must. Google and other search engines also like websites that are mobile-friendly and tend to rank them higher as well. Otherwise, it can also penalize you by de-rank your website.

WordPress provides a lot of mobile-friendly themes that anyone can use. So if you are using a responsive theme for your site then most of the important features will happen naturally- there is no need for any extra coding or anything. And this will help both the search engine and the users to access a site from any device, leading to a great experience.

So whenever you are building a site, make sure it is mobile friendly to get better results.

5. It is easy to customize

WordPress provides beautiful templates(themes) and plugins for your websites to customize. Choose one of them and customize it as per your need. You can also use premium themes developed by third parties. And most importantly there is no need for any coding knowledge for customization. 

WordPress themes are very easy to customize, a lot of them come with their own options panel which allows you to customize the theme as per your need. You can change the colors, upload the logo, create slides, and many more things. 

WordPress has themes for almost all types of websites, whether it’s a blog, business, or an online store.

Just like designing, you also add custom functionality in your WordPress website by using plugins. WordPress Plugins are like apps that you can install to your site to add some new advanced features like analytics, contact forms, etc.

Just like themes, WordPress also has thousands of both free and premium plugins available for everyone to use. To learn more about plugins read our these articles-

This is our reason number #5 on why you should use WordPress. We have a few more left on the list, so let’s check them as well.

6. WordPress is easy to manage

WordPress websites are easy to manage. You don’t need to spend money on it. It basically comes up with a built-in update management system. This system notifies you if there were any updates available for your plugins or themes. If yes you can easily update them from your WordPress admin dashboard. 

WordPress also notified if there was any new version available, so you can update it easily just by a simple click of a button.

WordPress management basically involves a few things-

  • Server
  • Check Security
  • Backups
  • Updates – plugins, themes and WordPress software
  • Making improvements in the speed or loading time

As you do not personally manage the server, it’s important to choose a good hosting service for your site to keep it up and running. For security and backups, you can either use plugins or you can do it through a managed hosting plan. And the rest of the things on the list are basically done on occasions. 

7. Safe and Secure

Website security

WordPress is built with all the security measures. It has an inbuilt security system and also considered the best platform to build your website. However, the internet is an uncertain place, and WordPress has its record of being hacked. 

To protect your site from getting hacked you can do a few simple tricks. Read this article by Wpbeginner for more details.

You can also use security plugins like Sucuri to protect your site from common threats such as brute force attacks and malware. And make sure that you have an active SSL certificate for your site.

Security is the biggest concern for any website, so always keep this in mind. 

This is our reason #7 why you should use WordPress. We have a few more to go.

8. Support different media type

WordPress is more than just a paragraph of texts. Its built-in media uploader allows you to upload images, audio, and videos as well. 

You can add them either by directly uploading them or by embeddable code through the HTML areas. You can add YouTube videos, Instagram Photos, Tweets, and many more.

9. Support E-commerce stores

WordPress also supports E-commerce stores. You can easily create and manage your eCommerce sites in WordPress. And for that, you need to install a plugin called WooCommerce. The only plugin is enough for you to create an e-commerce site for your business. This plugin will add all the eCommerce website features to your site like add to cart option, checkout page, etc.

WooCommerce is available in free as well as in premium versions. 

Choose a responsive e-commerce theme and start designing your eCommerce site. Sign up with a payment gateway company, for example, Paypal, integrate it with your website and you are ready to go. 

Ecommerce is surely going to become the next big thing in the market. People will prefer to buy online than offline.

Now let’s head to our reason #10 of why you should use WordPress.

10. Loading Speed

Fast loading speed

A website that takes a lot of time to load is basically useless. There CTR is always on the downside. It also has a direct impact on sites Ranking as well.

Because of that WordPress develops a lot of features that anyone can take advantage of and that will speed up your website.

For example, use a lightweight theme. Then you can add plugins to reduce the size of your images, clear caches, minify CSS, and JS files.

Use these tools to decrease the loading time of your website. And this will also help you to reduce your bounce rate, and improve the user experiences as well.

11. No need to learn to code

It is one of the best reasons why you should use WordPress. With WordPress, you can create a website even without any coding knowledge. So now a nontechnical person can also create a website. It basically follows the rule that what you see is what you get.

12. Multilingual

People around the globe use WordPress, it has a global reach. WordPress supports more than 160 languages worldwide. So you can create a website to reach your global audience as well. People always like to connect with the brand that speaks their language. 

Although English is the most popular language used in WordPress, and more than 71% of all blog posts written in English. But it’s good to know that if you want to create a site to connect with local customers other than English, WordPress can make that easy for you to do.

And for that, you can use a multilingual plugin like TranslatePress.

Multi-language support is another good reason to use WordPress. 

This is our 11th reason for why you should use WordPress. We have two more to go.

13. Simple Integration

As we have already mentioned in this article that WordPress is compatible with tons of different third-party tools.

In WordPress, in addition to plugins, you can also integrate things like Payment gateway, Google Analytics, email marketing software, and many other components that you need to run a fully functional and operational site. 

You have plugins and tools available for almost every kind of function that you want to add to your website.

14. Great Support

WordPress always provides a great quality of support to its users. It also has a WordPress forum where you can communicate with others, shares your problems, etc. And in addition to the forum, you can find countless tutorials and resources online that can help you to solve your queries. 

On top of the forums and resources, you can directly get help and support directly from the WordPress support team.

Those who have the paid WordPress plan have access to the live chat support 24 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. And those who have the business or e-commerce plans they can even reach for the support even on the weekends.


WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world with a market share of 63%.

We hope this article answers your question on why I should use WordPress for my website. So now try it and see the true power of WordPress and let us know what you think.

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